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Coaching and You 

Coaching is a process of being committed to making a change in any aspect of your life. The catch words here are - Process, commitment and change. 

Process indicates the journey you are setting out on to make that change. It is not an overnight transformation. Being mindful of this will make it easier for you to acknowledge your small wins and help you productively move in the right direction.

Commitment to yourself is the most significant commitment you make. The fact that you are acknowledging the need for a change is a step in itself. Over and above, there are some things you need to commit to create a successful coaching process- 

  • Undistracted time towards the coaching conversation- anywhere between 45 minutes to 90 minutes

  • Utter and complete honesty - this is towards yourself and not the coach

  • Willingness to be challenged in terms of thinking away from or beyond your regular pattern

Change is actually the goal you set out to achieve through the coaching conversations. I reiterate on the phrase- Creating Change- since I believe we design our own lives through our beliefs and actions. Therefore, any goal that you want to achieve is effectively a change you are making in your attitude, approach, action, perspective and sometimes- belief. 

Would you like to know more about the process? Call me and we can chat. 

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