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FastTrack Your Career Growth

Imagine a cloud hanging over your head- and you are thinking - I am stuck. You know you are ready for some change, you are ready to take some action towards progress in your work, and you know you are also qualified to do it. 

But at times, you just can't seem to pinpoint exactly how and what is to be done. 

Working with professionals, entrepreneurs and executives has given me some insight into how it becomes important to go back to the drawing board and re-focus at times. Irrespective of how experienced one is, or how qualified, there sometimes is a need for an external intervention to help them take that step towards success. 

Transformation can be challenging and just to think about it can be overwhelming. But with some Coaching through structured processes, it can lend clarity and that much -needed push to take that step. 

FastTrack your Growth is an immersive career productivity program for working professionals as well as entrepreneurs to re-invent their approach and strategize in context of their progress at work. 

The program includes (and is not limited to)- 

  • Identifying focus areas​

  • Understand your vision, mission and personal brand values

  • Create a Goal path

  • Articulate your offering

  • Evaluation of skills and strengths

  • Designing a marketing strategy

  • Dealing with Limiting blocks and fears

The program would involve one-on-one coaching sessions and would be designed as per your specific need and situation.


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