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Client Testimonials

The Best Investment I ever made. This statement is true when I got coaching from Shraddha & I truly admit it. During our sessions, Shraddha made me realise what efforts I made when I was at the peak of success & if I repeat the same things, I could get same or even better success again. My best sales was in July 2020 of 2.83 Crores during Covid times. This is the biggest sale of my entire career that too in a single month & I am surprised how I did it during such tough times of Covid pandemic. Next big thing I learned from her is how to take care of personal relationships in this fast-moving world. Well, my coaching is not over, I will continue after a couple of months as I believe there is always scope of improvement to be better and strive to be the best.

Nitin Gupta, Financial Planner

Shraddha has really helped me so much. She is a professional and a competent life coach, who helped me with identifying key areas of my life and moving forward. She took her time to understand my approach and mindset through thought-provoking questions. 

The best experiences for me were the 'aha' moments where I realised why I was in the situation and how I could overcome it. I highly recommend Shraddha to anyone looking for a life coach. 

Nipun, Marketing manager 

Life coaching with Shraddha has been an enlightening & a fruitful soul-searching experience for me. It helped me identify what really matters... encouraged me to look for whys... and empowered me to unlock hows, from within me...
Manisha Bansal- Entrepreneur

The 4 sessions that we had had something unique on their own. Shraddha, as a coach, was open and non-judgemental to all that I had to say. All this further probed me to find the purpose of me and things that I want in life. 

Rinu Koshy- Finance Professional

Shraddha is a good coach and has a unique style of helping people identify their strengths/positives. She also helped me realise my larger goals for life and how should I achieve them. She also helped me identity ways to overcome my challenges. The sessions were quite useful to me and I would highly recommend her. I wish her a great success as a life coach.
Manish- Banker


I was going through a job transition and was not sure regarding choices that i had. Shraddha helped me identify my core values and strengths that led me to make important decisions. Through our conversations, I realised the importance of honing my existing skills. She is a wonderful mentor who has encouraged me and has always given me positive feedbacks.
Miral Jadeja- Educationist


The coaching sessions with Shraddha have instilled confidence and motivated me to take action towards achieving my goals by embracing and overcoming the fear of failure and fear of unknown. I have changed my outlook to look on the bright side.
The sessions have provided me insights about my behaviour, my qualities, my values which have enabled me to explore and introspect on what makes me happy and what I wish to have. Shraddha is highly trained and she made me comfortable to openly express my feelings without being judged, and gain valuable feedback by distinguishing my opinions from facts.
In this continuous process, I look forward to further explore my options, develop strategy and gain clarity regarding my goals.

SA- Engineer

Shraddha, It was a pleasure knowing you and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for being my mentor .
I was at a career path where things were a little hazy and uncertain, you helped me think better ,guided me to take the right steps, take correct actions and I am now much more confident. I am ready to accept new challenges. Thank you for bringing the confidence back into me.

Jhanvi Parekh- Story Teller

I really benefited from my sessions with Shraddha. She was always so patient and listened. I was able to express myself without any judgement. It definitely made me feel much better.

Shyma, Financial Analyst


It was really nice talking to you! The Transformation Sessions were really something I looked forward to as I was able to get into a flashback mode and think of all the good things about me!

I liked the simplicity and the chain of thoughts of the sessions! The homework bit is also worth it as it stays with you and helps you ponder over it all the time! You have a very calm and relaxed way of conducting these sessions which is like a brownie point! I am able to go back to many of our discussions while I think about my goals during the course of the day!


Shraddha is a very talented Coach. She listens and understands the issues and helps to navigate them through tools and action. I would recommend her as a Coach to anyone who is looking for a direction. 

Saudamini Sharma

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