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How Would it Work

Coaching is a one-to-one conversation that would take anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes per session depending on the context at hand. It is ideally a 4-6 sessions process where we will together discuss the concern, explore possibilities, devise strategies and integrate learnings. 

It can also be an open discussion to determine where is it that we would focus on inn the subsequent sessions. 

The process would begin with an introductory session to give you an “experience” of coaching and to outline basic purview of our subsequent sessions. It will also give us both a “feel” of how to go along with our coaching relationship.

We can then design a schedule of our sessions basis your convenience. Sessions can comfortably be conducted over the phone or Skype as well. 

We can work in various areas of your life such as your career, work-life balance, relationships, money, business, fitness, wellness, spirituality and more!  

Get in touch with me and we can work together to create that positive change in your personal or professional life. Call me!

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