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Shraddha Attal

My Story

After my Post Graduation, I spent a decade across corporate stints in Advertising and Communication, working with a media agency, TV channel and a bank-managing its group media portfolio. Post my maternity break, I ventured out to launch Rainmaker Solutions- a platform for women coming back to work after a sabbatical.


Rainmaker gave me a chance to work with women at different stages of their work-life transition. I partnered with these women separately, to reach their personal and professional goals. Coaching and influencing them to build their own happy places gave me a sense of achievement and fulfillment. I was determined to make a difference by encouraging them to create change. This is what eventually inspired me to become a professional transitional coach and get myself certified.

ICF Certification

My Coaching Journey

I am an ICF certified life coach striving to work with people to create what they have always wanted to become.

My experience in the corporate world, as an entrepreneur and as a mother of two has provided me with a keen sense of compassion and insightfulness.


I believe everyone has immense strength and resourcefulness within and they just need to be creatively applied for the most brilliant outcomes. This is where the essence of my passion for coaching lies.

I formally stepped into the world of Coaching in January 2018 and I consider it one of the best gifts I have given myself.

Having completed more than 200 hours of Coaching across various areas of life, I find myself ready to step into the next phase of my journey. I want to create a larger impact with what I have learnt and, in the process, discover more.

I believe in the exceptional power of human potential and dexterity. Each person is endowed with the capability to bring about productive transformation in their lives. With this philosophy of successful change, I intend to partner with people to create a life which is more fulfilling, enriching and uniquely tailor-made for them.

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