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Coaching for Women

A woman plays a myriad of roles in her life which manifests as labels and subsequently become her external identity. With a multitude of responsibilities and challenges creating a bubble around her, she tends to get lost in this whirlwind of expectations and boundaries.


Often, she confronts a need for that ‘missing’ bit of direction and growth, to explore dimensions of herself that she hasn’t encountered in a long time. There surfaces a need for self- exploration and self-discovery to give more meaning to her identity and grow as an individual.

Break to Breakthrough

My work with women on a break at Rainmaker Solutions gave me insight into the dynamics of a woman's life and challenges. It was evident that dealing with the constant changes in life- marriage, career, work-life balance, motherhood and so on-  requires a unique approach. Working with women is a niche I focus on and I have a special Coaching strategy developed for this. 

While the coaching facets would be unique to the woman being coached, the broad approach would be to commence a journey of self-discovery and growth. The idea is encourage self-acknowledgement which leads to empowerment which in turn lends more meaning to relationships and experiences- both professionally and personally. The coaching would help -

  • Self-reflect, self- discover and gain valuable insights 

  • Identify key focus areas in life and step beyond boundaries to explore strategies to create positive change

  • Deep dive into these strategies to prioritise and get clarity of direction

  • Realise the power and ways of acknowledging and honouring self

Break to Breakthrough is an initiative I launched while I was working with women on a work-break. Through time, I realised it is not just about women who have taken a sabbatical and want to get back to work, it is about women who are looking at any kind of work-life transition. 

I evolved the Break to Breakthrough initiative to encompass women at all stages in life who are looking to create a change. 

An immersive coaching program to suit your requirements can create a powerful transformation in your approach at work and at home. 

If you are-


  • Looking to return to work after a break/sabbatical

  • A professional looking to start an entrepreneurial initiative

  • An entrepreneur keen on boosting your business·         

  • Someone who has never worked but would like to begin now·         

  • A professional looking for a change·         

  • A mom looking to create a better work-life balance

The coaching program would be a tailor-made approach which will take you through various stages of discovering insights and strengths within yourself. The objective would be to create a road-map while aligning your professional path along with your personal responsibilities.

Some of the coaching and mentoring areas would be – (if relevant *)

  • Know your real potential

  • Work readiness evaluation

  • Articulate your Growth path

  • Understand your Transformation Model 

  • Create your Personal Brand

  • How to Market yourself

  • Network better

  • Time management*

This is not a comprehensive list of inclusions in the program. The agility of the process to suit your needs to be the basic character of the approach.

Give that boost to your personal and professional life and expedite your journey towards your goals.

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